Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A little about the financial situation

We're in the midst of a depression. Not since the 20's has America felt such a weight on its shoulders as now. If you want to believe both presidential candidates its not all that bad, in fact they both want to spend 300-500 billion to clean things up. That's nice, especially when we owe China in the trillions, we could just give them California I suppose. As the government haggles over how they can spend more money to lower the deficit and of course borrow from China to pay for oil in Saudi Arabia, people are suffering, and not a humorous suffering either.

When the bringer of all this misery first took office eight years ago, *coughs* Bush *coughs*. Things were still good he hadn't began his corporate ass kissing yet. But as his term went along so did the deficit and so did the impending doom of our financial structure.

We had a housing boom in the first few years of Bush's term. Builders were building homes faster than ever, in Arizona alone, once agricultural lands were now row upon row of track homes all beckoning the new home seeker "buy me". The banks came up with a scheme called revolving mortgages or interest only loans, they pitched how much you'd save not paying your principal and in 3-5 years you would just refinance yourself into a 30 year fixed. They assured everyone interest rates would stay put and most everyone believed them. That's where the tragedy set in.

People flocked to the new interest only mortgages likes flies on a piece of meat. Only problem was, the banks were wrong interest rates climbed so fast, and house prices dropped sharply that the home owners debt to income ratio was now reversed AND banks would not refinance people into 30 year fixed terms with the bad ratio. Catch 22, and thousands upon thousands of foreclosures later.

Not only have people lost their homes, and still loosing them but we also have shady dealings going on in the stock market to top things off.

Employers have also jumped on the lets dump Joe to save money bandwagon and are downsizing like there's no tomorrow. Companies realizing the cost to keep people working full time and paying their medical and matching their 401k is costing them money not to mention the building size as well, yes, if they axe Joe and hire a freelancer to work by telecommute they would save a bundle on the size of the building they need as well.

Joe now has to take on student loans if anyone will look at him and re-educate himself or find himself living on the street or standing at highway on ramps with a sign asking for money. What happens to Joe's wife and kids? I shudder to think.

In this chaotic world of greed and indifference the little guy, Joe for example needs to look out for himself and his family. He can't get into an office now, is too old to dig ditches and he and his family have used up the last of their savings and borrowed all they could against the 401k. What's left for Joe? Only god knows really?'

Before its too late, before your boss decides your just 40k a year too much a strain on his business and you start to resemble Joe's predicament, take a minute and sit down. There's an option for you. Work at home opportunities exist that can get you not only out of trouble but get you financially solvent. The problem is sifting through the ones that are scams and in my opinion 70% of them are just that, scams and finding some information and tools you can use to build a successful online venture for yourself that could return as much as your yearly salary or more if you desire it.

Most of these crooks that get you on these car ad banner websites that tell you they are only accepting 5 more people so you had better hurry are the biggest scams, I know , I test them. I have actually bought into these to see which ones work and which ones are nothing more than rip offs trying to sucker you in to buy first this and then this and then call you on the phone tell you they are going to help you succeed reading a script. How do I know that? Because three people call from the same company reading the same script a week apart of each other. And does anyone really help you? no.

It's a waste of time if you get a site that spouts off how they made 6 figures in 3 months and have a timer saying your SO lucky you're the fifth to last person they are accepting, click away from the page. Like one program I checked out. A story of how this mailman was working his butt off and he and his wife were living pay check to pay check but, then he sees this young 20 year old guy in a sports car that cost more than he makes in 2 years. Well this mailman finally asks the kid how he does it and after some artistic writing and flamboyant descriptions this kid finally tells him his secret and he goes home has dinner with the wife and kids and goes for a drink at the local bar. Well if it doesn't just so happen that all the while he's eating and then having a few drinks that he makes $180 bucks already! Holy smokes I think, well the program is only $70 dollars how can I go wrong, right? So I buy it and I follow every little step in the package and guess what? 3 weeks later and still not a dime to show for anything. They did call to offer support like I said on 3 separate occasions and all reading the same script on how they own their own loan company and it takes revenue to build your business, and I should get financed to get this crap off the ground and how this financing will pay for itself when I get rich. Then its the "oh yeah don't forget this product for $59.95 its absolutely necessary". I asked all three of those turkeys how did he (mailman) make $180 bucks in 3-4 hours when I haven't made a cent using the same supposed techniques? The answer was silence then back to the script.

The above instance is true this company is still trying to rip people off. And I'll tell you more about them later. Anyway, after monkeying around with them and a few others, I will also mention them later, on the website I'm creating. I decided to look deeper into Internet businesses and work at home opportunities and iron out the good from the bad. Because believe it or not, if you can wade through all the crap and cheap salesmen some programs, services and eBooks actually do work. I think I'm doing OK, AND I'm showing a profit doing it my way sure its slower but it works!. I'm going to offer up only the best information I can dig up as well as some great products for the home business office such as helpful software and tips to what you can do to start generating an income from home.

No, its not a get rich over night scheme like those crooks. This requires you do a bit of leg work so to speak, actually its sitting behind your PC for 4-5 hours a day on weekends and a few hours a night a weekday. It took me 3 months of hours like that to get myself up and going and it's finally starting to go. I can see myself retire early and you can as well. Subscribe to this blog and I'll keep you posted. When the websites up and running you'll be the first to know about it and can see what I think works and decide for yourself.

Oh, my offer won't run out with the next 5 people either.

P. S. I want you to know I do not endorse any ad on this site other than my own in my favorite links section. The sites displayed on google AdSense are random and I have no control over they're content. If you click on something and it looks like a scam just back yourself out. As I said my business site will soon be up and running with real information and tools you can use to make a REAL at home/online business that will show as much profit as you desire all it takes is effort.

Thank you for reading

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Don't you feel like a rat in a maze?

Do you feel like someone put a piece of cheese somewhere at the end of the maze of life as far as work goes and your just following it to it's conclusion? What a drag huh?

There are ways to get out of it BUT, you really have to WANT it! No one is going to hand anyone millions of dollars and say here goto town, retire, take care of your financial issues, buy that dream 2nd home on an island somewhere. NOPE, your either on crack or are still tripping from the 60's.

What's got to happen is, you need someone to guide you in the right direction for changes that will effect you in a positive way, if you get off your rump and do some work that is. That person is me. I'm not going to hand you a bag of money or the miracle one product that will make you get the midas touch but, I will steer you in the right direction.

I'm NOT a financial pro! My expertice is in Graphics, I'm a Game Artist. I make 3D characters and models out of pure enjoyment, not to become famous or rich from it. Although if I do make money at it I will not say NO to it. Bottom line is its more for pleasure than pay at the moment, but I still do not work for someone else while I do it. My home business see's to that. That's where my expertice in helping you comes into play. I've tried quite a few of the crap offers out there on the internet, ALL these Bozo's telling you you'll be making 6 figures in 2 weeks. What a bunch of crap and lies. And I'm going to point these Bozo's out to you in the future on this blog. Like the one's who say "you only have two hours left to take advantage of this" Please what shit! Do you see this bozo changing his web page to count down to 0? No, He's going to send the same ad to 1 million other people just like you and it will stay like that until he suckers in a bunch of unwilling buyers who end up with crap. In fact he'll probably stick this junk in some marketing package and tell that poor sucker he has the right to sell the same junk to someone else for more money. Sheesh!

Well not only will I point out these flim flams, I'm also going to point out the one's that really do work! Not overnight riches, but with a bit of legwork (as little as 2-3 hours a day) IN YOUR HOME! Not some stuffy, micromanaged office. I'll lead you down the right path to finally getting rid of the boss and replacing him/her with independance and financial freedom.

I'm not leading you on here either, I still want to warn you that not everything out there has been tested by me or is proven to make you rich but, some of the ideas are SOUND and with determination and help from those that have done it. You'll soon be saying ADIOS to the micromanager.

Check back often or subscribe to the feed and you'll keep on top of it all!