Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Don't you feel like a rat in a maze?

Do you feel like someone put a piece of cheese somewhere at the end of the maze of life as far as work goes and your just following it to it's conclusion? What a drag huh?

There are ways to get out of it BUT, you really have to WANT it! No one is going to hand anyone millions of dollars and say here goto town, retire, take care of your financial issues, buy that dream 2nd home on an island somewhere. NOPE, your either on crack or are still tripping from the 60's.

What's got to happen is, you need someone to guide you in the right direction for changes that will effect you in a positive way, if you get off your rump and do some work that is. That person is me. I'm not going to hand you a bag of money or the miracle one product that will make you get the midas touch but, I will steer you in the right direction.

I'm NOT a financial pro! My expertice is in Graphics, I'm a Game Artist. I make 3D characters and models out of pure enjoyment, not to become famous or rich from it. Although if I do make money at it I will not say NO to it. Bottom line is its more for pleasure than pay at the moment, but I still do not work for someone else while I do it. My home business see's to that. That's where my expertice in helping you comes into play. I've tried quite a few of the crap offers out there on the internet, ALL these Bozo's telling you you'll be making 6 figures in 2 weeks. What a bunch of crap and lies. And I'm going to point these Bozo's out to you in the future on this blog. Like the one's who say "you only have two hours left to take advantage of this" Please what shit! Do you see this bozo changing his web page to count down to 0? No, He's going to send the same ad to 1 million other people just like you and it will stay like that until he suckers in a bunch of unwilling buyers who end up with crap. In fact he'll probably stick this junk in some marketing package and tell that poor sucker he has the right to sell the same junk to someone else for more money. Sheesh!

Well not only will I point out these flim flams, I'm also going to point out the one's that really do work! Not overnight riches, but with a bit of legwork (as little as 2-3 hours a day) IN YOUR HOME! Not some stuffy, micromanaged office. I'll lead you down the right path to finally getting rid of the boss and replacing him/her with independance and financial freedom.

I'm not leading you on here either, I still want to warn you that not everything out there has been tested by me or is proven to make you rich but, some of the ideas are SOUND and with determination and help from those that have done it. You'll soon be saying ADIOS to the micromanager.

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