Monday, November 3, 2008

Another at home business scam.

Remember awhile ago when Amway was exposed as a huge pyramid scheme? Yes, that is the kind of plan that has you recruited by someone, then having to buy your products from that person so you can sell it to other people. Thing was in that program the only way you could make money was not by selling the cheap crap products but by recruiting 10 or so people yourself who would buy the products from you and then recruit 10 people each themselves and so on down the pyramid. In a scam like this you eventually build a large pyramid under yourself of people paying you for being a part of the scheme. Of course your paying it up the ladder as well to the ones who recruited you and so on. The people on the bottom of the pyramid always suffer though especially if the scheme is exposed and comes crashing down before you get a chance to make any money.

There is another such program out there, and although I can't attest to it 100% because I opted out before I spent way too much just to even get the information about how the business works.
Again I won't name them but I will tell you about the way things went down and what they offer, so you can be aware of and prepared for it if you should come upon it.

Like with Amway, this company deals with products you must purchase. The products are to do with health products. Now health products aren't a bad thing right? No, I didn't think so either but the ethics this company used in sucking you in are.

First off, your asked to OK a charge for $9.95 to your card to receive this information from them and if you hold onto it for 14 days you'll be billed an additional $39.95. Well when you read their ad its typical for scam sites but still intrigued me enough to say OK maybe this plan is different, only the warning lights were blinking in my mind regardless. 14 days isn't a bad time to peruse over some information about a at home online business and if I think it sucks well then I return it for no further charges. I just didn't like the non-refundable charge of $9.95 which they said they would keep also, the package doesn't come with return postage paid so it will cost you another $5-$6 bucks to mail it back. That's around $15.00 you already have invested for nothing really.

Well the package arrived and I'm expecting a well laid out plan to run a turn key online at home business right? Wrong, What I get for the $9.95 is a folder with two propaganda disks, I call them that because its full of all these people swearing they make at least $1500 a month up to $13000 a month from home. After reading all the literature and listening to the disks I get no information about the business at all only that there is a mention of health products. This again gets my internal alarm ringing. There is a call from someone who calls herself my personal trainer though, and she's as vague as the package she sent. Well she wants to call me back a few days later to explain the structure of the business to me but wants me to think about it for those few days. All I was thinking is, she's stalling to get me to use up the 14 days return option but I said OK and hung up. Well she calls the next day and talks to my wife briefly who has no idea about what this is and says she'll call back later. Well the day she is supposed to call she doesn't! I waited all day and most the night, no call. So now three days are used up, I decide to write an email to her to ask IF she is going to call and that already I'm not impressed so far.

Well the next day I call this 800 # and leave her another message. And wait for her call. Finally, she returns the call and we spend around 20 minutes talking. the first 15 minutes are why do I want to have my own business, as if that's not obvious but anyways. She tells me the company name and the products and spends allot of time telling me about how much she makes and how much she wants to make etc. Finally I get her to the meat and potatoes of the venture and she goes on to tell me there is no selling to friends and family. (like Amway). Then comes the punch line about their business model. There are two options, option one is called their basic purchase. It gives you some form with permission to sell in 69 countries, and some products to sell, she says to friends etc. (Wait a minute didn't she say earlier there was no selling to family or friends?) Anyhow this package does not come Internet ready so you have to do door to door sales I'm assuming. The cost for this package is the $9.95 you originally spent, the $39.95 they bill you after 14 days and the final cost of $69.95 which is a total of $119.85. Wow, allot of money for nothing right? and no Internet business as originally promised on their ad.

I don't know what your thinking at this point but I was thinking "what a bunch of crap!" Well, now she proudly goes on to speak about package two which incidentally includes all the nothings from package one plus a manual, another DVD (probably more propaganda), a ticket to one of their sales pitch artists in a local city so I can go listen to him pitch up the company, also I would get one month of weight control products for personal use. She said I only get the personal coach with the 2ND package also as well as a customer list supplied and the information for setting up as a web based business and all this was only going to cost me $9.95 for the initial package plus $39.95 after 14 days plus $399.00 for package two for a total of $448.90.

So needless to say I finally ended up paying $9.95 plus $6.00 for return postage for a total of $15.95, to find out what she was offering was not in my best interest and probably not yours either.

Well this is another one I would chalk up to as either a scam or definitely them trying to suck as much money out of you as possible before disclosing the entire scheme to you. Please be aware they exist and that they offer this opportunity to you from email and job boards. Yes boards like Career builder are being used by these companies to post(fish) for suckers.

Until next time adios amigos.


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